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  Data is SO important! I love what Her Data Method is doing because they’re not dumbing it down! They are demystifying the world of numbers and analytics by making data less scary and more approachable.  

KAREN CAHN Co-Founder + CEO iFundWomen.com

  I learned so much in the first hour of this course! I am motivated to invest the time to apply these steps to help my business get to the next level. This knowledge will elevate the quality of all of my projects. 

ANGI LI UX Designer + Founder NashvilleCreatives.org

  This course has taught me invaluable lessons and insights into my business. I cannot recommend this enough! To say it is a good investment is a massive understatement, it’s an essential use of time and money to set any business owner up for success.  

RACHEL NOBLE Financial Analyst + Owner Noble Solutions

  Her Data Method is filling a TREMENDOUS void in the market by inviting the world of women business owners to start their own love affairs with data. It’s not scary, I promise. It’s empowering.

ASHLEY HAUGEN Managing Editor StyleBlueprint.com